I am a web developer with emphasis on full stack JavaScript. I want to be part of a team that strives to build well-designed and crafted applications, and have the opportunity to keep learning and honing new skills. I love working with an enthusiastic team, but I'm also disciplined enough to work on my own.

Languages, Frameworks, and Tools

  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • React.js
  • Mongo
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • Foundation
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Mocha
  • Chai
  • Rspec
  • Technical Writing
  • Document Design
  • Web Content

Community Experience

TA, Girl Develop It, HTML/CSS Intermediate Class, April 2016

TA, Girl Develop It, Ruby on Rails Class, November 2015

Assist group of women learn Ruby on Rails skills, including MVC, routes, nested resources, and deployment.

TA, Girl Develop It, HTML/CSS Intermediate Class, November - December 2015

Assist group of women learning intermediate skills with HTML and CSS.

TA, Girl Develop It, HTML/CSS Beginner Class, October - November 2015

Assist group of women learning the basics HTML and CSS.

TA, Railsbridge, January 2015

TA, Railsbridge, April 2014

Assist 20-30 women with their first experience with Ruby on Rails, including installing tools, introduction to the command line, the Ruby language, writing their first Rails app, using Git and Github, and deploying that first app to Heroku.

Public Presentations

Lightning Talk, Seattle.rb, 1/15/16

Live demonstration on how to add gravatars to Rails apps.

Click here to see the slides.
Click here to see the code on Github.

Previous Employment

Sales Representative * Cordon Selections * April-May 2014 * Seattle, WA

Key Account Specialist * Bordeaux Wine Locators * January 2005-January 2014 * Tumwater, WA

  • Managed large volume of retail, restaurant, and distributor accounts for an importer and distributor of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Vintage Port, and fine wines.
  • Found and developed numerous new accounts, including some of the country's best known restaurants, wine auction houses, and retailers.
  • Developed new, high-grossing, accounts in Hong Kong.
  • Provided input on acquisition of new wines for import and distribution.
  • Produced sales materials.
  • Made numerous product presentations to customers.
  • Arranged large trade tasting events.
  • Hosted public tasting events at retailers.


2015 * Certificate in JavaScript Programming, University of Washington PCE

Three academic quarter program focusing on the JavaScript language, libraries, and frameworks. Emphasis on building web apps utilizing jQuery, AJAX, JSON, APIs, Backbone, Node, and Express.

2014 * Certificate in Ruby Programming, University of Washington PCE

Three academic quarter program, with the first quarter studying the ruby language and the final two quarters focused on build apps with Rails.

2013 * Ruby on Rails class * Code Fellows

2012-2013 * Certificate in Technical Writing * Bellevue College

1992-1994 *MA * Security Policy Studies * George Washington University

Completed all coursework, degree to be awarded upon completion of exams.

1992 * AB * International Relations * University of Southern California

1992 * AB * Cinema History and Criticism * University of Southern California


At any given time I am working on several side projects. All the code for the following projects and more can be on Github. Click on this link to visit my Github page.

Here are some current and recent projects:

Node and React

Natura is a node.js app for a fictional photography gallery (all images open source from Pixabay). It features reusable views, incorporates forms, an api, and includes a chat feature built with socket.io.

React Timer incorporates a timer page and a countdown page. It was built on the React.js framework. Tools used include Webpack, Foundation, and an image from Pixabay. Testing of all components utilized Mocha, Expect, and Karma.

React Weather is a weather application built with the React.js framework. Tools used include Webpack, the Open Weather Map API, Foundation, and a background image from Pixabay.


Game of Life is my pure JavaScript version of John Conway's Game of Life, a cellular automa example.

Music Maker is a music generator built with JavaScript. Open to a blank canvas, click anywhere and a circle appears accompanied by a c tone. It then animates, fades out, and replays. You can click as many times and places as you want to make your own new age tune.

Stopwatch is a stopwatch app built with jQuery and Bootstrap. It contains stop, start, lap, resume, and reset features.

Fictional Food is jQuery app for picking a meal of fictional food items.

Diving is a Bootstrap page for a fictional dive shop. It includes an animated background and a carousel.

Ruby/Ruby on Rails

Wine Subscription was my first time working with Stripe. I set up a basic app, using Devise for users and Stripe to process a monthly subscription.

Twelve is a puzzle game built with the Gosu library in Ruby. The object is to drag like colored quares together. I'm not a natural gamer, but it was good Ruby practice.

Movie Reviewer is a movie review app built with Ruby on Rails.

Open Source Contributions


Growstuff is an open source/open data project to create a website for food gardeners.
See contributions on Github here.


I am a Seattle based web developer comfortable with both front and back end technologies. I'm happy to work on the look of a site with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap, to work on UIs, and to work on the server side. Whether the back end is Node.js or Ruby on Rails I'm ready to dig in. Learning new technologies is my passion.

I've transitioned away from wine sales, which I did for a number of years. Selling wine was fun, but I felt the need to do something more creative. Building websites satisfies my creative drive.

I've learned my skills in several places, from Code Fellows to the University of Washington to my own time spent in front of the computer coding. I really enjoy crafting websites. It's great to create something from nothing.

When I'm not in front of my laptop I enjoy swimming, walking, hiking, reading, movies, photography, and travel. I'm told I have a warped sense of humor, which must come from all those years watching Monty Python.

Contact Info

Email: eakari@live.com